Unani means Greece where the Unani System of
Medicine originated. BOKHRATH (Hippocrates)
founded it in 460 BC approximately and is called
as Father of Unani Medicine. Unani medicine
works on the basis of ‘humoral theory’ (relating
to four bodily fluids) where each humour denotes
a precise disposition in a human being. In Unani
medicine, the plants, minerals and animal
products are used for healing purposes and for
restoration of a person’s original humoral
constituents. Unani System is one of
internationally accepted treatments of medicine
in present day also.

1. Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
2. Kamil-e-Tob-o-Jarahat
3. Mahir-e-Tibb
4. MD/MS/PG (Unani)

For BUMS – 10+2 or equivalent certification with
After BUMS/Graduation
AIAPGET -2018 can apply for admission to
MD/MS (Unani)
1. National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangaluru
2. Delhi University (Faculty of Ayurvedic & Unani
3. A & U Tibbia College & Hospital, Delhi
4. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,
Bengaluru, Karnataka
5. Dr NTR University Of Health Sciences, Vijayawada,
6. Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences,
Telangana, Warangal
7. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

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