The work of Private detectives is to investigate multiple areas, ranging from finding missing persons to discovering the cause of a fire, or recovering stolen property to investigating theft. It encompasses conducting casework, interview witnesses, perform surveillance, and review public and government records to collect information. Cases may at times require investigators to testify in … Read more DETECTIVE


CFA Program gives an insight in corporate finance, investment management and financial services. The Program is divided into three levels. Preliminary; inter and final level. It is recognized as a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Analysis by AICTE. It is a self-study programme and the Institute supplies study material to the enrolled students. There are also … Read more CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYSIS – CFA


The course is a subfield of anthropology. It exposes students to reconstruct extinct cultures from the artefacts as it studies the ancient and recent human past through material remains Courses 1. Bachelors of Arts in Ancient Indian Culture. 2. Bachelors of Arts in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology 3. Bachelors of Arts Archaeology and Museology … Read more ARCHAEOLOGY


Homeopathy is practiced worldwide for healing, curation and therapeutic purposes. It is an allinclusive practice of treatment wherein a patient is treated while assessing all aspects of symptoms and health problems for restoration of overall health. In this unique therapeutic system of treatment, certain natural substances are diluted and used in various forms for treatment … Read more HOMEOPATHY